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Data crunching with Tableau

Let’s do a little introduction to Xpand-IT after the Tableau with their exercises and an open session of questions posteriorly.

Requirements: Windows or Mac OS computer, or a virtual machine with one of the previous OSs (preferably with the latest version of Tableau Desktop installed).

Orador: Carlos Moreira
Agile new thinking (Scrum overview, DevOps e EBM (Evidence Base Management))

How projects that uses AGILE are adapting to highly complex demands and immediately development/delivery needed.

Orador: Carlos Jesus & André Silva
Developing a web application with Vue.js

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework created with the aim of facilitating the construction of interactive interfaces. The Vue.js community has has grown significantly in recent years, 125,000 stars on Github.

In this workshop we will create an application of Vue.js from scratch, having as objectives:


Orador: Rui Saraiva & Fábio Martins
Mobile and web rapid application development with OutSystems

OutSystems is a rapid application development platform that lets you visually develop your mobile and web applications in a visual way.

Crafted by engineers with an obsessive attention to detail, every aspect of our platform is designed to help you build and deliver better apps faster.

Join us if you want to understand what we do, and how we do it!

Orador: César Pinto & Hernâni Fernandes & Paulo Marques & Tiago Fernandes
React.js Workshop

“React.js workshop”, coordinated by André Sousa, where you can learn the basics about React and create a mini project.

The source code is avaible here and here.

Orador: André Sousa
Introduction to Deep Learning

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of the fundamentals of Deep Learning in the context of image classification. The workshop will be held using Jupyter Notebook, an interactive web computing environment. Participants will be gui ded in the implementation of convolutional neural networks using Keras - Deep Learning library for Python with support for GPU acceleration.

Orador: Raphael Espanha

In this workshop we’ll be working out computer graphics as a tool to generate animated scenes focusing on 2D animation. We’ll be analysing various concepts needed to generated fluid animations, applicable to a wide range of platforms and fields, like Game Development, Simulation System, UI/UX and virtual environments in general, and implementing solutions according to said standards.

Pre-Requisites: the attendants should have a rudimentary understanding of computer graphics (rendering) as well as basic knowledge of Linear Algebra.

Orador: João Martins
Automotive Infotainment Systems

The technology on board cars has increased exponentially in last years. With increasingly complex software, the challenges to ensure that all units leaving the production line meet their requirements. In this workshop we present our solutions and challenge you to develop a script that can control and test the features of our latest handsets. There is a prize for the best team!

Dynamics: The teams will be created during the workshop, depending on the of the participants in the room (this is not relevant, because the goal is not competition).

Prerequisites: There are none in specific, it is only necessary for participants to master some programming language (Python, C, C #, Java …).

Orador: Diogo Cruz
Devops @Eurotux

We will address some of the issues that we have been exploring in the context of devops with emphasis on a migration project that has occurred in a client using technologies such as AWS, GIT, infra-structure as code.

Orador: Nuno Fernandes
Small and Big Data at Farfetch

The Age of Data (1 hour)


Orador: Paulo Gomes