During this week, you have the opportunity to interact with many recognized speakers, national, international and notorious companies! You can get to know them better here.

Celso Martinho CEO and Founder

Bright Pixel

Celso Martinho is someone that finds motivation in challenges, an optimistic technological geek, a man of the product and a business oriented soul, thrown into a managerial career. Founder of SAPO, the biggest internet project in Portugal, now a media company and part of the innovation engine that is Portugal Telecom, he now builds large scale B2C services in areas such as: cloud, e-commerce, e-payments and IPTV interactivity. His past is composed of high level management, software projects management, systems architecture, technical product development and several decades of experience in the telecom and internet industries.

Celso is also the CEO and founder of Bright Pixel, a software studio, home to a team of industrie experts with vast experience using technology and creativity to create products with global reach and services in a diverse group of areas such as web development, security, e-payment, big-data and user interface design.

Bruno Ribeiro Gamification Designer

Fractal Mind

Bruno is a problem solver, with a diverse background and alongside a strong focus in Game Design. He started designing games from an early age and destroying the rules of the traditional board games. He has also accompanied various Portuguese Game Designers as a consultant and has more then 30 hostage prototypes waiting to be released.

He’s a writer, when he can, and splits his time between family, with his two kids, and being an entertainer in an online Role Playing Game channel, he’s a storyteller by heart and lives in his imagination of multiple worlds, stepping among us every once in a while.

David Amador ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Upfall Studios

David started to mod (and play) games as soon as he had access to a computer/console. After some time working professionally in the gaming industry he decided to go independent and make his own games back in 2010. Among the titles he worked on you can find Vizati and Puwang. Most recently, after creating Upfall Studios, his game, Quest of Dungeons, released to mobile and consoles, like 3DS, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

André Pimenta CEO and Founder


CEO e co-fundador of Performetric and PhD in Informatics specialized in Artificial Intelligence on the University of Minho.

Job van der Voort CEO


Coming from neuroscience, Job went head-first into tech by starting a startup, later joining GitLab as VP of Product to help scale it from 5 people to a unicorn with 400+ employees. He’s now helping the world work remotely as CEO of Remote.com.

In his free time Job loves to spend time with his wife and daughter, and play games and guitar.

André Barbosa Engineering Manager


I enrolled in LEI in 2006 and, with some help, I manage to finish the course. I passed through various industries and companies until I ended up joining Skyscanner, challenged by the amount of data and daily users. Currently I spend my days with a team of Software Engineers and Data Scientists trying to create a personalized experience to our users.

Marcelo Lebre CTO


Marcelo is a tech enthusiast passionate about building products, and scaling architectures and teams. Marcelo started by coding on an old ZX Spectrum at the age of 8 (though he didn’t even know it was called coding) which influenced him to study computer science. After working with several startups and accelerators, Marcelo became a startup advisor, and mentor of tech entrepreneurs. Currently, Marcelo is the CTO of Remote.com, where he works to empower people to work remotely and claim their lives back.

Jorge Resende CTO


Degree in Electronic Engineering at University of Minho, dedicated his career to develop software and hardware for automated industrial equipment. Currently CTO of IEM4.0 and teacher in automation and robotics courses at University of Aveiro.

Nuno Cascais CEO


Having studied Chemical Engineering at University of Porto and having 10 years of professional experience in the automobile industry, Nuno Cascais pursued an MBA in Enterprise Management at University Fernando Pessoa. That was his start point for the creation of synergies that led to the birth of IEM4.0

André Sousa Guest Assistant Professor

Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

André is currently a guest assistant professor at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro in the undergraduate courses of Computer Science and Information Technology and Communication, teaching curricular units Web Development, Object-Oriented Programming, Systems Integration, and Distributed Systems, among others, completed his PhD with the theme “Dynamic and context-sensitive adaptation of mobile interfaces in a ubiquitous environment”. With interests in the areas of Machine Learning, Ubiquitous Computing and DevOps for cross-platform applications.

Rui Saraiva Front-End Developer


Graduated in Electronic Engineering and Computer Networks by Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão do Instituto Politécnico of Viana do Castelo, with a vein of Full-Stack developer since the 12th year. Since then it has been dedicated to the development of web applications, both front-end and back-end. Has a great passion for developing progressive web applications (PWAs).

José Luís Silva Software Engineer


Software Engineer at Performetric. Studied at Uminho and associate with CeSIUM.

Fábio Martins CTO


Attended a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Instituto Superior de Engenharia da Universidade do Algarve. He was co-founder and CTO of Skilleo and in recent years has assumed the position of CTO at Pixelmatters. During his professional career he worked in front-end and back-end developer positions in a variety of business contexts. More recently, he has focused on the development and automation of infrastructures in the cloud, as well as on the definition of development processes.

Sérgio Gaio Associate Director


Sérgio is a Associate Director at Accenture Portugal, with 17 year in the company and spent the last 10 years helping clients address their workforce management (WFM) challenges.

Has extensive knowledge in Communications & High Tech and experience in WFM, CRM and IT deployment custom solution. In the WFM domain has participate in implementations of ClickSoftware, Oracle Field Service (TOA) and ServiceMax. Trained in the Salesforce Field Service Lightning and IFS. Collaboration on WFM solutions with Telecom, Utilities and Insurance customers.

Sérgio has been the Functional/Technical Lead for the deployment of an end to end WFM solution with a state-of-the-art features for Demand & Forecast, Schedule, Mobile, Reporting and Locate modules for more than 25 customer around the world.

Sérgio hold’s a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from the ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)​.

Executive Master Business Administration - ISCTE / INDEG Business School.

Carlos Jesus


20 years of experience in IT management and project consulting.

Currently Scrum Master at a large project in the United States, HCP/SAP UI5.

Education in Management, PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate from PMI and PSM (Professional Scrum Master) from scrum.org.

Current hobbies are surfing, playing soccer, and watching son playing little league.

André Silva


Masters Degree in Software Engineering from University of Minho. Started working at Accenture in 2016 and participates in the implementation of custom workforce management solutions for international clients.

In his free times enjoys motorcycle touring.

Daniel Ferrari Data Scientist


Daniel Ferrari has a degree in Computer Science, a Master’s and Ph.D. in IA and Machine Learning. As a researcher, he published a book and many articles in partnership with Computing and Biology labs. As a Software Engineer, he has contributed to the development of an ERP planning system for 10 years. As Data Scientist, he combines his experience as an engineer and researcher to develop complete pipelines from data mining and manipulation to production distribution of Machine Learning models.

Márcio Azevedo Engineering Manager


Márcio is currently an Engineering Manager at Farfetch. With more than ten years of experience in the software industry, he started as a software developer after graduating from the University of Minho and has worked at different industries like healthcare, media, telecommunications and finance before joining Farfetch.

Paulo Gomes Lead Data Enginner


Paulo Gomes has born in Brazil and works with BI for over 10 years. Since last year, he has been migrating to the world of Big Data.

After work in the retail, financial and telephone areas in Brazil, he accepted the challenge of being part of Farfetch. Coming from São Paulo, he has been in Portugal for about 2 years and started to lead a team in the data area 10 months ago.

Agnostic to suppliers, Paulo has worked with Microsoft, Oracle, Cloudera and now Google.

Diogo Cruz Software Engineer


Diogo Cruz completed his Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Minho in 2016, where he remained in a research project in the automotive area until 2017. In the same year he joined the Aptiv Technical Development Center in Braga as Software Engineer.

José Carreiras Diretor do Centro de Desenvolvimento de Braga


José Carreiras started his career in 1992 in Production Engineering, having worked in several areas. Most recently, in 2014 he was appointed Engineering Director and in 2017, José Carreiras was appointed Director of the Technical Development Center of Braga.

Raphael Espanha Data Scientist


With a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Medical Informatics by Universidade do Minho, Raphael began his internsh ip at Philips in Aachen, Germany. He completed his master’s thesis in Hospital Universitário de Colónia where he combined medical images and clinical data into a model of Deep Learning (DL), his work being published in the paper “Combining Image and Non-image Clinical Data: An Infrastructure that Allows Machine Learning Studies in a Hospital Environment”. In Portugal, he continued his work at Neadvance on image segmentation projects. He is currently a scientist at WeDo Technologies, where his main focus is the de tection of fraud in Telecom.

Raul Azevedo VP Product Development


Raul Azevedo, depois de completar a sua formação superior em Engenharia de Sistemas de Informática, teve uma rica e variada experiência enquanto líder de Sistemas de Informação, numa diversidade de setores como manufatura, tecnologia, retalho e banca. Hoje, Raul é o VP da WeDo Technologies responsável pelo desenvolvimento de produto.

Ricardo Soares Software Developer


Ricardo is a software developer at Blip. He is not intimidated in switching between frontend and backend technologies, without forgetting to test everything to assure the quality of his code. He believes that with an amazing team the sky is the limit.

Nuno Fernandes Diretor de Investigação e Desenvolvimento


Nuno Fernandes is a Computer Systems Engineer graduated at University of Minho and is currently the Research and Development Director at Eurotux Informatica. Co-Author of the book Apache Instalação, Configuração Gestão Servidores Web, edited by FCA, Nuno has now been responsible for the implementation of several projects with large technology infrastructure.

César Pinto Engagement Manager Mentor


César joined OutSystems as Engagement Manager by having the responsibility for the overall management and delivery of innovative solutions using the OutSystems technology thru an agile approach. Recently become an Engagement Manager Mentor by leading a team of Engagement Managers with the responsibility of accelerating the team growth to an outstanding level and ensuring the team’s deliveries success.

Hernâni Fernandes Architect / Delivery Manager


Hernâni joined OutSystems in mid-2016 as a Delivery Manager, being responsible for the technical delivery of innovative solutions based on customer business needs and drivers. Since mid-2018 he’s also a member of the Architecture Experts, who are responsible for designing flexible and cost-effective solution architectures that are aligned with the OutSystems customers’ business strategies.

Paulo Marques Software Engineer


Paulo has a masters degree in Informatics Engineering from the University of Minho and joined OutSystems as a software engineer where he had the opportunity to put in use his problem-solving skills to contribute to the development of OutSystems’s platform integration systems so that the use of data and logic from external systems is a seamless experience. Recently, he joined the Mac IDE team with the purpose that both experience and capabilities of the OutSystems IDE is identical across operating systems.

Tiago Fernandes Software Engineer


Tiago joined the team as a software engineer after completing his master’s degree in Informatics Engineering at the University of Minho in 2017 in a partnership with OutSystems. Tiago is a very methodical and curious person who had the opportunity to participate in several engineering challenges and craft some of the features that are part of OutSystems IDE. Currently, he is working in the Mac IDE team aiming to create a seamless IDE experience for OutSystems Developers.

Carlos Moreira Senior BI & Big Data Consultant

Xpand IT

Carlos Moreira is a Business Intelligence consultant with E2E experience in data processing, mostly for large financial entities. He adapts development processes and takes advantage of innovative techniques, from Cloud and Big Data services, that allow him to orchestrate robust and demanding solutions in the national and international projects that he has been involved with. He loves good challenges, complex systems, team coordination and is focused on actively participate in the constant evolution of the surrounding environment.

In his free time he prefers to disconnect from the abstract world of technologies and connect with the earthly world. He’s in love with the practice of sports combined with enjoying nature. He enjoys socialize with people, exploring other cultures and gastronomy.

Leandro Duarte Senior Tester


Master in Telecommunications Engineering and Informatic at UM, he has dedicated his career to the software testing area, currently working at PRIMAVERA BSS. He is an enthusiast of new technologies, and “obsessed” by the quality of products!

Pedro Ferreira Developer


Master in Biological Engineering and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UM, he developed a great interest in the IT area that led him to undertake a postgraduate degree in Software Engineering, also at UM. This course gave him the opportunity to integrate PRIMAVERA BSS in 2017, where he started working on data processing with Business Intelligence technologies. He is currently a developer in the AI area, and is currently working on Sales Forecasting.

João Martins Lead Software Engineer

Smith Micro

With a licentiate degree in Computer Science by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto, João soon started taking special interest in computer graphics and low level programming. With experience in game development, virtual reality and image processing, he currently works at Smith Micro as lead developer of Moho, an award winning 2D animation software.

José Nuno Oliveira Professor

Universidade do Minho

Researcher at the Reliable Software Laboratory (HASLab) and professor at Department of Informatics at School of Engineering of the University of Minho.

Vitor Filipe Professor


João Faria Professor