We are of the opinion that more interesting than lectures and workshops, are challenges and contests! For that reason, and since it has been tradition, we decided to create several friendly competitions. Stand out in one of these areas but, more importantly, have fun!
PS4 Draw

Did you go through CP2 and see Accenture? They want your resume! Send it to and enable yourself to win a PS4! Also, you need to be in the Closure & Prizes Delivery Session of SEI’19 to be able to win!

Programming Challengees

Preparamos vários desafios para ti. O desafio em Haskell termina dia 6, o em C termina dia 8 e o livre termina dia 10.

Security Challenge - Capture the Flag

Any question you might have is probably answered in here.

Photography Challenge

Para entrares neste desafio basta tirares a melhor fotografia da SEI e partilhar nas redes sociais com as hashtags #FotografaraSEI #SEI19.