4 Feb - Monday

Opening session


The inaugural session of this year’s edition. The SEI calendar and partners will be presented. And, possibly, some surprises.

Challenges Presentation


Presentation of all the challenges that will happen during the week.

Mutation testing - Let's kill some mutants


Every day we write tests to ensure the quality of our code. But what ensures the quality of our tests?

Mutation Testing is a method of inserting faults (mutants) into programs to verify whether the tests pick them up, thereby guaranteeing their quality.

Do you want to improve the quality of your tests? Do not let mutants invade your code.

Join us to learn how to create and kill some mutants in JavaScript.

Accenture Technology Vision – Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed


Tech Trends Summary

Five technology trends are upping the game and allowing companies to tap into the powerful potential of intelligent enterprise, creating new business opportunities and helping to change the world as we know it.

Leading companies are improving the way we live with new products and services that will become indispensable in the future.

Business is getting personal. Leaders must shift their mindsets and business models to focus on forging strong, trusted relationships with partners, customers, employees, governments, and more.

Analysing a Cross-Platform Game engine


An overview of the process, tools and libs used to build a custom engine for several platforms, from mobile to consoles.

Remote Work Podcast


Remote Work Podcast, a podcast about working from anywhere, how to do that, what tools to use and more.

5 Feb - Tuesday

Data crunching with Tableau


Let’s do a little introduction to Xpand-IT after the Tableau with their exercises and an open session of questions posteriorly.

Requirements: Windows or Mac OS computer, or a virtual machine with one of the previous OSs (preferably with the latest version of Tableau Desktop installed).

Agile new thinking (Scrum overview, DevOps e EBM (Evidence Base Management))


How projects that uses AGILE are adapting to highly complex demands and immediately development/delivery needed.

Developing a web application with Vue.js


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework created with the aim of facilitating the construction of interactive interfaces. The Vue.js community has has grown significantly in recent years, 125,000 stars on Github.

In this workshop we will create an application of Vue.js from scratch, having as objectives:

  • Understand how Vue CLI 3 can help us create vue applications;
  • Make use of “single file components” (*.vue files);
  • Understand the life cycle of Vue applications;
  • Know how communication between components is made;
  • Use VueX as a store to centralize application.


  • Computer and elementary knowledge of Javascript.

Mobile and web rapid application development with OutSystems


OutSystems is a rapid application development platform that lets you visually develop your mobile and web applications in a visual way.

Crafted by engineers with an obsessive attention to detail, every aspect of our platform is designed to help you build and deliver better apps faster.

Join us if you want to understand what we do, and how we do it!

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for AI Products


Creating products based on artificial intelligence is an hard task and requires a very high investment of time and money and often with an non-immediate return. Creating MVPs can be the solution to validate the investment needed.

Informatic in Portugal


In this round table we will discuss the study of Informatics in Portugal: The difference from the various ademies, their past and bets for the future, as well as a glimpse of what has yet to be improved. Come join us for a gripping conversation with the most infamous professores of UMinho, FEUP and UTAD.

Arraial de engenharia


With bifanas and pint on sale, to the sound of a Dj, the Software Engineering gives you an epic night!

6 Feb - Wednesday

React.js Workshop


“React.js workshop”, coordinated by André Sousa, where you can learn the basics about React and create a mini project.

The source code is avaible here and here.

Introduction to Deep Learning


The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of the fundamentals of Deep Learning in the context of image classification. The workshop will be held using Jupyter Notebook, an interactive web computing environment. Participants will be gui ded in the implementation of convolutional neural networks using Keras - Deep Learning library for Python with support for GPU acceleration.

Automated Machine Learning: The next frontier in Fraud Detection


Although it is one of the most widely used cases of Machine Learning, fraud detection is far from one of the most simplest application. In this Talk, Raul will share WeDo’s experience in the application of Machine Learning in the field of fraud man agement, and why AutoML is currently one of the priority topics of WeDo’s I+D strategy.

The Data Scientist Evolution


Fica a conhecer melhor as origens e definições de Data Science e a evolução atual desta área nas empresas e quais os papéis que este profissional pode assumir dentro das equipas.

IEM4.0 - Indústria Automóvel: De Startup a parceiro tecnológico de automação industrial


A journey through the journey of materializing a dream, where we started and how we learn to think how we could create value, in the solutions that exceed the needs of our customers.

The power of Data - Ethics and Big Data


A lot has been said about Big Data and all of its potential, likewise, the awareness of the importance of data protection has also been growing. In an age where the far-right is gaining ground around the world, what is the role of big data solutions in this hate panorama? In this round table we will discuss this and other questions about the power of Data.


  • José Maciel - Diretor executivo - IDEIA Big Data
  • Francisco Andrade - Professor de Direito Informático - UMinho
  • Carlos Baquero - Professor de Engenharia Informática - Uminho

Pub Crawl Competition


The traditional Pub Crawl Competition, a social event that aims to promote social interaction among SEI participants.

7 Feb - Thursday



In this workshop we’ll be working out computer graphics as a tool to generate animated scenes focusing on 2D animation. We’ll be analysing various concepts needed to generated fluid animations, applicable to a wide range of platforms and fields, like Game Development, Simulation System, UI/UX and virtual environments in general, and implementing solutions according to said standards.

Pre-Requisites: the attendants should have a rudimentary understanding of computer graphics (rendering) as well as basic knowledge of Linear Algebra.

Automotive Infotainment Systems


The technology on board cars has increased exponentially in last years. With increasingly complex software, the challenges to ensure that all units leaving the production line meet their requirements. In this workshop we present our solutions and challenge you to develop a script that can control and test the features of our latest handsets. There is a prize for the best team!

Dynamics: The teams will be created during the workshop, depending on the of the participants in the room (this is not relevant, because the goal is not competition).

Prerequisites: There are none in specific, it is only necessary for participants to master some programming language (Python, C, C #, Java …).

Transforming Mobility


Approach about our focus on bringing the next generation of autonomous vehicles, intelligent cities and connectivity to life. Besides that, other topics such as the new autonomous driving technology, the redefinition of infotainment connectivity and new inteligent mobility solutions.

Gamification 1-0-1


What is the power of games, what can we get out of them? We use all days, elements in the games without having the notion of doing it, it is an automatic human behavior that identifies and selects actions that provoke better benefits for the resolution of a given situation.

Games are present in our lives in an irreversible way. How is it that we can take advantage of this premise and use it to solve problems, challenges, or just improving our day to day? The various examples of gamification, with cases of success and failure. A practical vision of a Gamification Designer.

Building data driven products at scale


Everyday millions of users use Skyscanner to look up the flights, hotels, trains and cars. All these surveys generate a large amount of data. In this talk let’s look at a couple of examples where we use this data to build new products and improve the user experience using our service.

Electron In a Nutshell


Electron let’s you create a desktop application with languages used for web development. This opens the possibility to use html & css for fully customizable UIs, and best javascript frameworks available now. In this talk we will explore the principles of Electron, it’s advantages and challenges.

From Code to Business


Nowadays code and business are two very closely related words, the media talk frequently about these subjects or just because not everyone likes to work the entire life to another person. In this round table we, are going to dive into the ups and downs of founding your company and the challenges you may experience.

Networking Dinner


Dinner with Accenture professionals and Software Engineering students with the goal of strengthen the bond and create a contacts network.

8 Feb - Friday

Devops @Eurotux


We will address some of the issues that we have been exploring in the context of devops with emphasis on a migration project that has occurred in a client using technologies such as AWS, GIT, infra-structure as code.

Small and Big Data at Farfetch


The Age of Data (1 hour)

  • The evolution of data by history
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Data Quality e Data Governance
  • A brief overview on Data Science
  • Data at Farfetch
  • Q&A


  • Google Data Platform - Explanation (10 minutes)
  • Using the BigQuery Web UI (40 minutes)
  • Q&A

Big Data and AI/ML - The history of Big Data at PRIMAVERA


In the search for a Smart ERP, PRIMAVERA started a path based on concepts such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In this talk we will explain this path and its applicability in PRIMAVERA products, through insights and forecasting.

Startups for Geeks


Engineers are particularly good at thinking of ways to use technology to solve real problems for people and companies, but creating a product and a business is a different reality. Unlike social media tell us, creating a startup has such of enthusiasm and professional achievement than pain and difficulties. In this talk, Celso Martinho is going to explain us what he learned during his career and how Bright Pixel, a “venture builder studio” and “early stage investor”, can help technology-based entrepreneur achieve theirs ambitions.

Career advice from an Engineering Manager! (...and why Farfetch is an awesome place to start!)


Starting your professional career can be a daunting thought. The presentation will go through some of the main challenges and things that don’t teach you at University, as well as some advice for your first steps.

Closure & Prizes Delivery


SEI closing ceremony, with the usual delivery of prizes related to the competitions that took place throughout the week.

9 Feb - Saturday



10 Feb - Sunday